It has been a long time without training since doing Delhi-Shimla (370 km in 74.37 hr) from 1-4 Feb. I got a pain in the outer side of left knee, may be due to running on the left side of the road all the time. On 24th, did 16 km cycling. Sunday: with children at home. Firstly thought to start running from today but still having some pain in the knee so finally chose cycling to and from office to home (which is 25 km one side) as a part of training. It takes 1.15 hr for one side.

Last week was satisfactory in terms of training and healing the knee pain.
Monday: Cycling 50 km.
Tuesday : Cycling 25 Km.
Thurs: Night running
Fri: Morning:
Sat: Morning: 1.40 hr, slow running.
Sun: Night 1.35 hr, ran a little faster. Felt no pain.
Weather fluctuated too much. After a few days rising heat, it became rainy and all three kids got caught by cough/cold (and Zola with fever also). Since Sangeeta has to leave home at 5.40 in the morning, I look after kids more at night in order to let her take sufficient sleep.
It is painful to see kids suffering from illness and it also leave us with less training but it gives us the chance of becoming more tough and calm which is very useful in ultrarunning.
-Arun (5 March 2007)


3 Responses to “Training”

  1. planetultramarathon Says:


    I hope the Children get better soon.


  2. Arun Kumar Bhardwaj Says:

    From the start of my ultrarunning in 2000, I used to search and inspire people to run ultra and become my companion here in India. Now I have got three. They are Raj (54 yrs), Vikram (28) and Devender (24). Raj works for Ministry of Railway, Govt. of India, has done 3 half-marathons with the best time of 1.50hr, he was in my crew on my Delhi-Shimla run. Vikram is a computer engineer (had been in US & UK for company work) with 4 half-marathons with 1.50hr best.
    Devender works in my office as Office Attendant and have no experience of any oranised run though have done 6 times the pilgrimage run of around 228 km from Haridwar to his village (same pilgrimage in which I ran my first ever ultra i.e. Haridwar to Pura Mahadev, near Baghpat). He did it relay style. 10-12persons in the team. At a time one running with carrying the holy water of Ganga and other sitting in the support truck.

    On Saturday night we all did a practice run of 9 hours. We chose a one km road track in a newly developing colony Dwarka in my neighbourhood. It was mainly to give them the taste of all night running/walking without sleeping. We took a very light pace so that every one could remain on the track for entire duration. Vikram did 50 km, after about 37 km he got muscle pain in right thigh and then walked easily to finish at least 50k (ultramarathon distance). Devender was doing fine till around 45 km but he complained a sudden strong pain in right leg and senselessness in the right side of upper body with a lot of sweat. I advised him to take a rest up legs up and then simply walk if he wants, he finished 52 km. Raj and I did 66 km. (start 7.30 pm 14 July – finish 4.30 am 15 July 2007).
    Now it is Monday morning and we all are fine except Vikram having some pain left in his thigh.(He has a little extra fat).

  3. Arun Says:

    Once again we four did a 6 hour night training. It was a little bit hot. Vikram did 47 km, I did 50 km , all was smooth except Devinder and Raj stopped after about 25 km. Devinder’s hip muscle were much paining. (On 10-11 Aug. Devinder and 4 of his villagers ran about 224 km in the relay manner starting from Haridwar to his village in 17 hours on the occasion of annual pilgrimage in the Hindu Shravan month for in with devotees bring the water of holy river Ganga to the Lord Shiva’s temple located in / nearby there village. It is the same festival from where I started my ultrarunning career.)
    Raj was exausted due to fast pace in starting. I did first 21 km in under 2 hours and then did the rest part easily mostly by walking.
    Vikram and I have done two times also the same type of practice. One on 3 Aug. 5 hr / 40 kms. Second on 8 Aug. 6 Hrs. / 46 kms. We are enjoying it.

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