Back again

After a long while I am back again. I participated in the Greek 7-Days Race again this year. Everything was going in the right direction and I was confident to cover more than 700 kms. But not everything goes according to our wish. Last year I did 521 km on a hard hilly track with many bumps and turns in Loutraki Sportscamp. This was a national record for India. This time I could cover only 531 km. I got injured (shin splints) just on the second day and just managed to somehow finish the race with keeping me away from much worse injuries. I spent my full month after the race in recovering from the injury and setting my mind and goals again with a new plan more properly. I will try to write a personal report of my race in coming days.


4 Responses to “Back again”

  1. Arun Kumar Bhardwaj Says:

    I tried a lot to write a report of my 7-days Race in Athens but found no proper zeal need for it. Actually it is nothing except an account of pain in injury after first day. A satisfactory thing happened is that somehow I could managed to transcend my previous mark of 521 for 7-days race. And one big thing happened is to get Madhupran Schwerk’s company during the run and a talk of about 2 hours with him on the night before the race which is invaluable and will be with me for ever. He is super.
    My injury took full two months to recover fully (almost) . Breaking the state of something like depression a good news come last week that Commonwealth Games Federation has accepted the proposal of holding Commonwealth Ultramarathon Championships in 2009 with a 24 race also in it. Now my full focus will be on 24 hr. I will try to get my speed back which was slowed down in multiday races. On Saturday (26th May ’07) I did a practice of 40 km run in 4.42 hours in 40 degree Cel, plus a 36 km cycling. I target for 200km in 2007, and 225+ in 2009. -Arun

  2. Arun Kumar Bhardwaj Says:

    North India is feeling severe heatwaves from last 2 weeks continuously with day temperature of around 45 degree celsius. I am doing 1 hr (11 km) lunch time practice Tuesday to Friday. On Monday I have started to take fast (hindi =UPWAS; not eating anything during day time). Saturday I did 30km in 2.55hr easily. A 24-hr is scheduled in Bangalore on 15th Sept. and I have grouped four other guys also for that giving them the target of 100mile. 2 of them have cleared 26km in 3 hours, and 1 did 46km in 6 hours (as per schedule). One could do only 19 km in 2.40 hours and stopped. First three guys run with me, but the fourth lives in Mumbai and now I have to talk more with him to give him inspiration and know-hows.

  3. Nagaraj Pudukotai Says:

    Hi Arun
    My name is Nagaraj and I live in Bangalore. I am an avid long distance runner and I enjoy the sport thoroughly. I am keen to know more about the 24hr scheduled in Bangalore on September 15th. Will you please let me know more about it?

    Thank you

  4. planetultramarathon Says:

    Dear Nagraj,

    The organisers are Mr. Darshan and Mr. Neeraj of Crossover Sports Pvt. Ltd. (orgnisers of Mid Night Marathon). You please contact them.

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