Training update – 23rd August

Once again we four did a 6 hour night training. It was a little bit hot. Vikram did 47 km, I did 50 km , all was smooth except Devinder and Raj stopped after about 25 km. Devinder’s hip muscle were much paining. (On 10-11 Aug. Devinder and 4 of his villagers ran about 224 km in the relay manner starting from Haridwar to his village in 17 hours on the occasion of annual pilgrimage in the Hindu Shravan month for in with devotees bring the water of holy river Ganga to the Lord Shiva’s temple located in / nearby there village. It is the same festival from where I started my ultrarunning career.)

Raj was exausted due to fast pace in starting. I did first 21 km in under 2 hours and then did the rest part easily mostly by walking.

Vikram and I have done two practice runs of the same type earlier also. One on 3 Aug. 5 hr / 40 kms. Second on 8 Aug. 6 Hrs. / 46 kms. We are enjoying it.

 25 August ’07: 10 km on 400m synthetic track.

 1 Sept.’07 : 12k.  Cinder track. Above 50% humidity. Time taken : 1hr 51min.

2 Sept.’07 : 52k in 7 hr (1 am – 8 am)with Vikram. Surface=road. It was first 50k for Vikram. Strategy was to Run 1k, walk 1k, throughout the duration except running 2 kms continuosly on completing every hour. It was a very easy and relaxing style giving average of 100mile/1day. Regardless time taken,  I am increasing Vikram’s distance to break his mind’s distance-barrier.

  8 Sept.’07 : Evening, 5.6 km in 25 minutes in Nehru Park in the Adidas Peltzer Race. It is the inaugural run of their once-in-a-month running promotion race series.

9 Sept.’07 : Noida Half Marathon in 2.46.51. Placed 80th out of about 1000 (exact no. is not known). My first ever half marathon. My target was under 1.50. Did run/walk of 8 km in 50 min. in morning before half marathon to reach the stadium from where we got the bus to Noida.


2 Responses to “Training update – 23rd August”

  1. anonymous Says:

    How is life on tracks……Did u participate in this year’s half marathon?
    from ‘a university going girl’

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