90km for Zola

Yesterday was my elder daughter Zola’s birthday (DoB 23.9.1998) and to celebrate it I did a 90 km run, from sunrise to sunset.  Vikram did 60 km and forced to sit due to cramps. Good effort. We did on the synthetic track. My aim was to do first half-marathon distance within 1.45 hr which I did in 1.44.32, a little faster than 2 weeks ago’s half-marathon  (1.46.51). Then the temperature rised up to 37 Deg. Celsius, with clear sky and 83 % humidity, and I chose to simply enjoy the day with gentle walk run walk run. Final timing was 12.49 hr Could not put on vest and though my whole upper body is sunburned. No blister, no cramps, no head-ache. Intake during the whole run: 2 bananas, 2 apples, 9 litres of electrole mixed water. :)))


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