Night running

Again a night-run yesterday. It was fixed with Vikram to start around midnight and after taking a short nap with my kids while making them asleep I reached at our meeting point around 11.30 pm with a can of water (5 litres). We did 39 km in 5 hours very very easily without any pain and fatigue at all on our usual run walk pattern. Winter season has started and felt a little colder after 2 a.m., it was nice and reminding me of night-running in multidays. Drank 3.5 litres of plain water. 


2 Responses to “Night running”

  1. Kaj Jensen Says:

    It’s a nice blog you have.
    I hope you will be able to bring ultrarunning to India.

    Kaj Jensen

  2. Sanjay Kumar Says:

    I do not know about ultramarathan. I came to know about it when I read an article in Sunday Times. I really appreciate your will power and your passion for this event. I am your friend’s friend (Mr. Rakesh, Steno in DOPT). He told me about you. He showed me the news article of running on treadmill for 24 hours. We felt very proud that we, the Indians, have sportsperson like you.

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