102 miles in 24 hours (on treadmill), Indian Record.

It was done on 26-27 October 2007, in front of Adidas store in Connaught Place, New Delhi (India). Very thankful to Adidas, especially Adhiraaj, who sponsored this attempt. My practice on treadmill was only 70 minutes 2 days prior to the attemmpt just to see how it works. (Initially I wanted to do it directly 100 miles with my first interaction with treadmill).

I never had any doubt about my ability to do it, though it was in the open area with the busiest traffic of New Delhi but 100 miles is not such a big distance to surpass in a day, regardless any type of running surface. Also I was filled up with so much energy by inspirational messages of Edit Berces, Phil Essam, Tony Mangan, Colin Gowan that it became so much easy. My friend Vikram also did a tremendous job of handler, though he is only a few months old in the world of ultramarathon. In him I see a very good ultrarunner in coming time very shortly.

Electronic media gave a wide recongition to it by telecasting directly, so it is a sort of recognition to my running madness :-). A short clipping may be see here english.ntdtv.com/?c=151&a=452

Firstly we thought it is an Indian record, but after making some research on treadmill records found that it is the case of 1st Asian to cross 100 miles in 24 hours on treadmill.


2 Responses to “102 miles in 24 hours (on treadmill), Indian Record.”

  1. Manoj Says:

    waiting to see you in flesh at the Bangalore Ultra!

  2. Arun Says:

    Dear Manoj,
    Due to some unforeseen reasons, I could not become the part of it.

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