First 24hr Commonwealth Championship

It has been a month since I was in Keswick to participate in the first 24hr race of Commonwealth Mountain and Ultra Distance Championships . It was a well organised event on the beautiful course of Fitz Park in Keswick. But my peformance was unexpectedly very poor; 146km only. I simply could not overcome the jetlag (reaching there only a night before the race), heavy headache due to which I couldn’t sleep after 4 a.m. and lasted until 5 pm ( 5 hours in to the race), and chilling night …6 Deg Celsius which was 19 Deg Celsius less than New Delhi’s.

The only thing for me to feel some satisfied is that I was a part of this  hisorical event . 

And more than that meeting old friends from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and making new friends from England,Gibraltor, New Zealand, Kenya, Wales and meeting Mr. Don Ritchie (100km World Record holder ; 6hr 10min 20sec), Mr. John Foden (founder of Spartathlon, he was an officer in Indian Army, Rajputana Rifles,Delhi, in 1946-47), Mrs. Sharon Gaytor.

  Thanks for the organising committe, especially Mr. Norman Wilson, the Chairman of the championships to make my participation happened.


One Response to “First 24hr Commonwealth Championship”

  1. Chinar Says:

    Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted…Cheers Arun!

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