The Thar Desert Run, 210 km

It was first of its kind in India organised by Ms. Kavitha ( Actually it was a 42km x 5days = 210 km race ; 25th to 29th December 2010. But I chose to run the whole distance in one go for two reasons: (i) it suits to my style (ii) we could not afford so much time. So we (me on foot, and my friends Adhiraaj, Vikram, Sandeep, Devider, Joshi + Ravi from the Globeracers side in the supporting van) started in to the race on the 28th Dec. with the other runners starting for their 4th days marathon. It was a very nice and much effortless journey because of our dedicated team that we easily covered the firt 100 miles in 23.10hrs, 168kms in first 24 hours and then total 210 km in 31.20 hours.
Thanks to the team of Globeracers for organising such a special event, and my tream to give me the wonderful assistance.
This run helped me to throw away the unhappiness of my unsatisfactory performance in the 24 hr Commonwealth Ultramarathon Championsip in England where I could cover only 146 km.


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