Badwater – 1,2,3. Not so quite there yet.

When Arun runs, one doesn’t get to experience the pains of being an endurance runner. The smile he manages to maintain throughout his run, whether I have seen him run 210kms or 160kms, is misguiding but real! He makes it look as though he just got out running and is warming up! The 1st Indian to participate and successfully win international endurance running races and the only endurance runner from India to ever try and get into Badwater (, the toughest endurance run on the cursed side of the universe! Just kidding, or I hope I just am for if we don’t stop abusing this planet, we will be a living on a cursed one soon! I digress. Arun’s quest for Badwater came a little early thanks to my friend Chris Kostman’s (he owns the Badwater race) visit to India in June 2010 and the time we got these two endurance legends together. Chris reiterated the tough process of the application process and we ensured him that we expect no favors but a fair entry to the race. Here we are now in July 2011, ready to be the first Indian runner and crew to attempt a Badwater finish and earn the famed Badwater buckle by finishing well within the 48-hour cut-off. Kelvin Marshall, Adhiraj Singh, Vikram Singh, Venkat, and I will be on the ground while Phil Essam, Arun’s mentor will virtually keep you all posted on the race progress. Countdown for the race begins. We will keep you posted with details of his training, tapering and the race itself with posts here. Follow us and cheer him on. You can see race progress and video feeds on the race official website at


5 Responses to “Badwater – 1,2,3. Not so quite there yet.”

  1. Jothi Venkatesh M Says:

    He has done great in the race. Seriously inspiring stuff… Kudos to him and the crew….

  2. hemanth Says:

    Congratulations on completing the run
    First Indian Resident to complete..Awesome!

  3. Divya Swaminathan Says:

    Many many congratulations on completing the Badwater Ultra-marathon 2011. I had gone to the race as a crew member and thinking no Indian would run this distance. I am humbled after seeing your accomplishments. Hats off to you. 🙂

    Truly inspirational and thank you.

    Coming from India I can truly understand the difficulties you have faced and I really admire your will and attitude. You are a leader. Future will tell ….. good luck for everything.

  4. Roger Henke Says:

    Hi Aruun,
    Saw on the results list that you did it!
    Many many congrats!

  5. Jassa Singh Says:

    congratulations arun…..
    your accomplishments are inspirations for novice runners like me.

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