Crashed after 37 hours

January 29, 2009

After completing 37 hours, i set the alarm for 11.40 pm in my mobile phone but could wake up only at 12.50 am. I was unhappy on myself why I opt to take a little nap when it was not too late in night. I found now, 11.40 am, that alarm was on .. time put was right.. but the date is next days .. OOHh 🙂 A good real life joke. Will try again.


100 kms in 100 hours

January 28, 2009

2008 was not very fruitful in terms of ultra results. Now in 2009 I want to leave a special mark on myself. Have already started with a new experience with myself, doing 100 kms in 100 hours with at least one kilometer in every hour.

153km in Coburg 24 hr

May 21, 2008

It has been over a month now since the 24-hr International Race in Coburg, Vic., Australia.  I could cover only 153 km. A total failure. I simply could not defeat the colder night. Daytime temperature was 25 Deg Celsius which dropped to 5 Deg Celsius at night. It was too cold for me. I should have reached Australia 4-5 days earlier to acclimatize with the nights. In my city of New Delhi here in India, temperatures in days was 40 Deg Cel and in nights was 20 Deg Cel. I had to lie down in front of a blower for two times in the race canteen to revive my body. Strange experience. This performance put me in 11th place out of 22 starters.  Now I start more hard practice.  I dont want to repeat it. The very good thing happened is I got a chance to rub my shouldere with Mr. Phil Essam, who is my mentor and very good friend from the beginning of my ultramarathon career.  Also I had a chance to exchange some thoughts with Brian Collings (four timer Westfield Sydney-Melbourne runner, 7 days AND one time Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney). He also suffered with the cold night and was not happy with is performance of less than 150 km.  It was a 24 hr walk also and two athelets (1 man 1 woman) crossed 100 mile mark to become Centurion Walkers.

Now I have to reschedule my 2008 calendar. My next run would be on National Highway No. 8, between Mumbai and Delhi in October.

Goals for 2008

January 22, 2008

I make four goals for this year; No. 1= 700 km in 7 days, it should come out in Athens 7-Days International Race in March. No. 2 = 200 km in 24 hr on track/road, should come out either on the first day of any multiday race or from a 24 hr race in Australia. No. 3 = 300 km in 48 hours from treadmill , and No. 4 = 666km+ in Colac 6-days, Australia.

After 102 mile treadmill run, I have done one more 24hr treadmill  run with 151.5 km in Pune sponsored by Vodafone. It was not for a record but just as a show of 24 hr running. I took it easy as it was only a promotional activity in support of Vodafone Pune International Marathon. Run started at 12.10 pm, with direct sun till 5 pm and again from 8am to finish, in front of SGS Mall. It was a wonderful and memorable event, also becuase Pune is my childhood city and I was visiting there after 33 years.

Today’s goal=running 11pm to 12pm. 

December 6, 2007

102 miles / 24 hours

102 miles in 24 hours (on treadmill), Indian Record.

December 6, 2007

It was done on 26-27 October 2007, in front of Adidas store in Connaught Place, New Delhi (India). Very thankful to Adidas, especially Adhiraaj, who sponsored this attempt. My practice on treadmill was only 70 minutes 2 days prior to the attemmpt just to see how it works. (Initially I wanted to do it directly 100 miles with my first interaction with treadmill).

I never had any doubt about my ability to do it, though it was in the open area with the busiest traffic of New Delhi but 100 miles is not such a big distance to surpass in a day, regardless any type of running surface. Also I was filled up with so much energy by inspirational messages of Edit Berces, Phil Essam, Tony Mangan, Colin Gowan that it became so much easy. My friend Vikram also did a tremendous job of handler, though he is only a few months old in the world of ultramarathon. In him I see a very good ultrarunner in coming time very shortly.

Electronic media gave a wide recongition to it by telecasting directly, so it is a sort of recognition to my running madness :-). A short clipping may be see here

Firstly we thought it is an Indian record, but after making some research on treadmill records found that it is the case of 1st Asian to cross 100 miles in 24 hours on treadmill.

Night running

October 11, 2007

Again a night-run yesterday. It was fixed with Vikram to start around midnight and after taking a short nap with my kids while making them asleep I reached at our meeting point around 11.30 pm with a can of water (5 litres). We did 39 km in 5 hours very very easily without any pain and fatigue at all on our usual run walk pattern. Winter season has started and felt a little colder after 2 a.m., it was nice and reminding me of night-running in multidays. Drank 3.5 litres of plain water. 

90km for Zola

September 24, 2007

Yesterday was my elder daughter Zola’s birthday (DoB 23.9.1998) and to celebrate it I did a 90 km run, from sunrise to sunset.  Vikram did 60 km and forced to sit due to cramps. Good effort. We did on the synthetic track. My aim was to do first half-marathon distance within 1.45 hr which I did in 1.44.32, a little faster than 2 weeks ago’s half-marathon  (1.46.51). Then the temperature rised up to 37 Deg. Celsius, with clear sky and 83 % humidity, and I chose to simply enjoy the day with gentle walk run walk run. Final timing was 12.49 hr Could not put on vest and though my whole upper body is sunburned. No blister, no cramps, no head-ache. Intake during the whole run: 2 bananas, 2 apples, 9 litres of electrole mixed water. :)))

Training update – 23rd August

August 24, 2007

Once again we four did a 6 hour night training. It was a little bit hot. Vikram did 47 km, I did 50 km , all was smooth except Devinder and Raj stopped after about 25 km. Devinder’s hip muscle were much paining. (On 10-11 Aug. Devinder and 4 of his villagers ran about 224 km in the relay manner starting from Haridwar to his village in 17 hours on the occasion of annual pilgrimage in the Hindu Shravan month for in with devotees bring the water of holy river Ganga to the Lord Shiva’s temple located in / nearby there village. It is the same festival from where I started my ultrarunning career.)

Raj was exausted due to fast pace in starting. I did first 21 km in under 2 hours and then did the rest part easily mostly by walking.

Vikram and I have done two practice runs of the same type earlier also. One on 3 Aug. 5 hr / 40 kms. Second on 8 Aug. 6 Hrs. / 46 kms. We are enjoying it.

 25 August ’07: 10 km on 400m synthetic track.

 1 Sept.’07 : 12k.  Cinder track. Above 50% humidity. Time taken : 1hr 51min.

2 Sept.’07 : 52k in 7 hr (1 am – 8 am)with Vikram. Surface=road. It was first 50k for Vikram. Strategy was to Run 1k, walk 1k, throughout the duration except running 2 kms continuosly on completing every hour. It was a very easy and relaxing style giving average of 100mile/1day. Regardless time taken,  I am increasing Vikram’s distance to break his mind’s distance-barrier.

  8 Sept.’07 : Evening, 5.6 km in 25 minutes in Nehru Park in the Adidas Peltzer Race. It is the inaugural run of their once-in-a-month running promotion race series.

9 Sept.’07 : Noida Half Marathon in 2.46.51. Placed 80th out of about 1000 (exact no. is not known). My first ever half marathon. My target was under 1.50. Did run/walk of 8 km in 50 min. in morning before half marathon to reach the stadium from where we got the bus to Noida.

Back again

May 1, 2007

After a long while I am back again. I participated in the Greek 7-Days Race again this year. Everything was going in the right direction and I was confident to cover more than 700 kms. But not everything goes according to our wish. Last year I did 521 km on a hard hilly track with many bumps and turns in Loutraki Sportscamp. This was a national record for India. This time I could cover only 531 km. I got injured (shin splints) just on the second day and just managed to somehow finish the race with keeping me away from much worse injuries. I spent my full month after the race in recovering from the injury and setting my mind and goals again with a new plan more properly. I will try to write a personal report of my race in coming days.