Why do I run

Why do I run

“Some individuals dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”
“You don’t have to be a runner to appreciate it when someone goes beyond the limits. And when someone runs a hundred or a thousand miles one doesn’t have to be a genius to see that the entire human potential has just been expanded. Such examples give people hope and inspiration to change themselves, to be better, and to expect and strive for something higher, something beyond them. Perhaps, they think, if those guys can run a hundred miles then I can do something worthwhile, I can do something good. The world changes more by deeds then by words.” – Tarak Kauff

I chose perform ultramarathons myself to show my fellow Indians, especially to the younger ones, that all is possible to a willing heart.

I want to show my fellow Indians, mainly to youth, how an ordinary man can conquer pain, ignore the intolerable screaming of muscles and nerves from a physical body being pushed to the limits and controlling it through his mind every inch of the way. It will be a teaching to them that anyone can put into practice the art of self understanding, self discipline of body and mind, becoming the master of every thought to shape our destiny, mould character and reach the ultimate pinnacle of success.

I am an ordinary man, a simple clerk, a father of three children, cannot afford good food for my training, have no coaching and no training partner, not have a single person to whom I could even talk about it. But even after that I am making new benchmarks. If I can do it, why not others. I want to make them feel that the only thing needed is discipline & determination.
I do think that my achievements will be a great inspiration for many people, be they runners or not. Everybody must have something that they would like to do, just as I want to Run. My achievements will tell them : Don’t make excuses of lack of favourable conditions or someone doesn’t want you to – overcome it, go and do it. I want to show them that it is worth pursuing your interests in life whatever that might be, to pursue it whether you will be best or just ordinary, do your best at what you are doing. Give it all you have got. If it is your studies, study properly, if you are interested in a particular line of work pursue it with all your might. If you feel it is right for you, you must go ahead and do it.

An old proverb: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So take it. You would not be successful if you make excuses; you are lazy, reluctant, dishonest, dull or indifferent.


8 Responses to “Why do I run”

  1. girish Says:

    Great work Arun. I absolutely appreciate what you are saying. Anyone who does distance running in India is usually doing it alone, as there is no running culture, plus avenues to participate in competitive races.
    My only question is how do you manage to stay injury free? Which ultra marathons have you participated in? And how do you manage it, do you have sponsors? How many shoes do you buy a year? What do you plan to do going forward with your running? I would like to know about well organised (professionally) triathalons and ultramarathons which are being organised in India, do keep me posted.

  2. planetultramarathon Says:

    Dear Girish,
    I don’t stay injury free all the time. I was badly injured during Self-Transcendence 6-days race in New York, 2003 where my left pelvis area was cramped so badly that I got one leg short by 1.5 inches. In that race I could reach there only 14 hr before the race and could not sleep for the past 60 hours out of 62. I have participated in 24 hr races of Taiwan(2002) and Russia(2005). 100 km World Cup (Taiwan, 2003). 6 days races in Australia (2002,2005), USA (2003), Denmark (2003), Mexico (2004), Germany (2004). 7-Days races in Greece (2006,2007).
    I don’t have any sponsor. As I am a Central Government employee, I am entitled to get economy class airfare and daily allowance as admissible. But I dont get it everytime, and not on time. I have used the borrowed money also to particiapte in ultras. I don’t want to tell whole the story here, you can easily guess the attitude of our beaurocracy. For an example, once the (then) Director General of Sports Authority of India Mr. Shekhar Dutta told that it is a uselss sports and I should quit it.
    There are no ultramarathons in India so far, but the organisers (coindia.com) of Mid Night Marathon, Bangalore are planning to hold a 24-hr race on 15th Sept 2007 and a 50k and 80 k on 16 Dec. (http://bangalore-ultra.blogspot.com/) .

  3. Reigna Says:


    I really really appreciate your bravery and your will-power. but how did you get to know more about participations abroad, how did you get the funds for it, how did you make all this practically possible even when you didnt have a big pocket?

    This is all very amzing, please throw light…

  4. Arun Says:

    Dear Reigna,
    You know very well that God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and show bravery. The same applies for me. You are true, it is amazing for me also. Many times it comes out of borrowed money, so really difficult it is.

  5. Ann Says:

    You are a truly inspiration to me and many others!
    I´m a single mother of two children, full time working and love to run. My children are almost always with me on their bikes when I´m running, we have now seen many beautiful roads around our hometown. They have also begin to run shorter rounds, that´s lovely.
    Wish you the best and many great years of running ahead.

  6. Arun Says:

    Thank you very much Ann 🙂
    These are the words who motivates me much.

  7. abhinandan Says:

    hey arun,
    you are a great inspiration for many people like us who are not so into the arena of physical activity or if involved are not so disciplined and determined to carry out every day…..
    when came to know about you it was a really inspirational for me..
    great going man …best of luck for your every future endeavour.

  8. yogesh.v.chavan Says:

    you are a great inspiration to me whenever iam down i read your blogs and my spirit and will power soars i ran 2 half and 2 full mararthons in my first year of marathons this year iam highly inspired to run long diatances that is why i keep reading your blogs slowly slowly working towards my goal plan to up the distances next year thank you once again you are a great inspiration

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